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Control your life with smartwatches

Track every stride you take with our smart selection of customizable GPS watches. Packed with different sensors and technology to fit your unique need, Spryker's selection of watches is sure to keep you connected no matter your activity or routine.

Lifestyle watches

For those who want to wear their smartwatch for more than just sports and activities, we carry a large selection of choices that allow you to perform everyday activities like answering calls or text messages through a synchronization with your mobile device, stream music, or even order coffee using your smartphone apps. Each watch sold is also Wi-Fi compatible, making it easier to sync items like music, weather, or personal items like email faster and easier while you're on the go.

Sony SmartWatch 3
Sony SmartWatch 3

After all, these days we aren't just buying gadgets, but accessorizing our lifestyles, so it is important to know how our stuff will be perceived by others.

For Outdoor Sports

Watches geared towards hikers and trail runners are equipt with technology like Altimeters, barometers, and gyroscopes to keep tabs on outside elements like altitude, air pressure, and navigate new routes in the wilderness.

Upgrade your running game

TomTom smartwatch and a Samsung smartphone are the perfect combination to improve your running.

10% Discount for all orders above €100 or CHF115

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